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TomiFerr Bengals

Gatil especializado no desenvolvimento genético exclusivamente de gatos da raça Bengal.

Edevar Tomiozzo Júnior and Maíra Ferrarin have always been passionate about cats, and from this passion TomiFerr Bengals were born. 

With the main objective of genetic development exclusively of Bengal cats, considering health, temperament and breed standards, they periodically participate in international feline beauty competitions, obtaining various evaluations from expert judges, who analyze and suggest the best combinations for genetic improvement. 

TomiFerr Bengals is located in the state of Santa Catarina, in the southern region of Brazil, and is honored to be part of the Swedish KungsgardenCats team, through an important exclusive partnership with breeder Ulrica Granlid (Ullis). Together they developed the current best genetic quality of Bengal cats in the world, WORLD CHAMPION 2022 and 2023 (World Winner FIFe), unique in the last 15 years.


Non-profit and with the aim of developing the improvement and dissemination of the breed with a focus on genetic excellence, TomiFerr Bengals are registered with the International Feline Federation (FIFe), following all ethical recommendations. It does not condone “backyard” breeding, in cages, unrestrained breeding, crossed females without a recovery period, inbred crosses, crosses without examinations and genetic traceability. All proceeds from the sale of puppies are used to improve genetics and quality of life for the breeding stock and puppies. 

Edevar Tomiozzo Júnior e Maíra Ferrarin com gatos da raça Bengal do gatil TomiFerr
Criança Gustavo Ferrarin Tomiozzo com um gato da raça Bengal do gatil TomiFerr

Only thecub to a new family upon realizing that they will care for them with lots of love and care. Personal relationships with customers are positive, not ending with the sale of a puppy, asTomiFerr Bengals offers continuous support, through social networks, phone calls, emails and WhatsApp.

All stud dogs and dams are tested in the USA for genetic diseases csuch as Pyruvate Kinase Enzyme Deficiency (PKdef) and Progressive Bengal Retinal Atrophy (PRA-b). Diseases common in the Bengal breed, especially in Brazil where many breeders do not have genetic care in mating.


We deliver background checks, proving that the purchased puppy does not have the disease, and ensuring that it does not go blind or die prematurely, due to simple genetic carelessness. 

Echocardiodoppler exams are also carried out annually to rule out possible Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) in all stud dogs and dams. Bengal cats of certain genetic lines that are not periodically tested have a high probability of developing the disease, which generally appears between 1.5 and 2 years of age, and is fatal.


Carrying out exams on stud dogs and dams is extremely important for managing crosses, ensuring greater genetic security for puppies. 

Associated with the Clube Brasileiro do Gato (CBG) and Gato Grupo, members of the Brazilian Feline Federation (FFB) and the International Feline Federation (FIFe), TomiFerr Bengals follows all recommendations, guidelines and rules, therefore all puppies are delivered only after the 4 months of age and castration.


Measure adopted internationally by serious breeders and aims to preserve the good development of the breed. Entire puppies (without castration) are only available to “serious breeders” or to those who intend to become a “serious breeder”, delivered under contract and breeding monitoring, obeying all rules and guidelines, according to the TomiFerr Bengals breeding policy.  ;

Check out our record by clicking here. 

Check out our license by clicking here. 

Our squad and puppies are constantly assisted by veterinarians, being neutered, vaccinated and dewormed according to their age and need. 

▪️Veterinary Hospital Animal Unit 

Hospital Technical Manager: Dr. João Zardo Pegoraro, CRMV-SC: 05897 

Clinical Veterinary Doctor: Dr. Mairon Graciani dos Santos (CRMV-SC: 07305) 

Contact: (49) 3563-6456 / Emergencies: (49) 99833-8238 / 
▪️Annual Echocardiodoppler exams for stud dogs and dams are carried out by CardioPatas.  
Cardiologist Veterinary Doctor: Dr. Felipe Hertzing Farias (CRMV-SC: 04868) 
Contact: (49) 99110-0808 

▪️TomiFerr Bengals are certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, in partnership with Royal Canin Brasil, where they are trained with the best feline health and behavioral care techniques in the world. 


▪️A Bengal's diet should be as balanced as possible, therefore TomiFerr Bengals  uses and recommends only Super Premium food from the Royal Canin brand. 


▪️All puppies have a Pedigree with excellent traceability, with international recognition, issued by the International Feline Federation (FIFe). 

Cat Friendly Professional

TomiFerr Genetics Feline – Cattery TomiFerr Bengals 

We ship and deliver everywhere Brazil and other countries.

Tomiferr Bengals Cattery




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Do not compact or finance animal sellers/exploiters, demand exams, dedication, quality of life and quality genetic origin. 

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