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Cor de olhos de gatos da raça Bengal


Now that the two coat patterns that Bengals have have been explained, it will be possible to understand their colors. ​ 

The Bengal has a variety of colors recognized by the FIFe, but some are not recognized. 

Colors recognized by FIFe

  • Black – in Spotted and Marbled coats 

  • Snow Lynx – in Spotted and Marbled coats 

  • Snow Mink– in Spotted and Marbled coats 

  • Snow Sepia– in Spotted and Marbled coats 

  • Silver – in Spotted and Marbled coats 


The colorsNO recognized by FIFe are: 

  • Charcoal 

  • Blue 

  • Melanistic (Solid Black) 

Gatos da raça Bengal com cores diferentes
Gato da Raça Bengal Black Spotted


It is the most popular color of the Bengal, especially in the Spotted coat pattern, which is generally responsible for those who know a Bengal falling in love with the breed, only later discovering the existence of other colors. 

With the C,C gene, its color at the base of the coat can range from gray-brown to a vivid orange-gold, with spots ranging from black, light brown to a darker reddish brown.

Many shades of brown and black are accepted, Golden, Cream, Tawny, Honey, Taupe, Tan, Beige, Caramel and Cinnamon. 

​The Black color of the Bengal accepts eyes in green (Green) or gold (Gold / Amber / Honey). Although the color green is most sought after commercially, the preference for the breed's best standard of characteristics is golden eyes.

Bengals also come in a variety of cream and ivory colors associated with a form of albinism that comes from Siamese and Burmese cat ancestry. 

Contrary to what the name suggests, they are not white Bengals (albinos), in fact, Snow comes in 3 genetically different colors and names.  

It can often be difficult to define the difference between the three colors, a genetic test is always the best method to differentiate.


Alternatively, eye colors can help determine Snow color. 

Gato da Raça Bengal com pelagem Snow Lynx

Snow Lynx 

It has C,s/C,s genes, has a very light cream color, light or dark colored spots, dark brown tip, always with blue eyes. 

Gato da Raça Bengal com pelagem Snow Mink

Snow Mink 

It has C,b/C,s genes, has colors ranging from ivory, cream, to light brown, in different tones, dark brown tail tip, with greenish or aqua blue eyes. 

Gato da Raça Bengal com pelagem Snow Sepia

Snow Sepia 

It has C,b/C,b genes, has colors ranging from ivory, cream, to light brown, in different shades, dark brown tail tip, with green or golden eyes. 

Gato da Raça Bengal com pelagem Silver


Color of dominant genes I,I or I,i, are a lack of color. This gene inhibits all warm colors and gives an almost white base coat in contrast with striking dark spots and patches. 

Recognized by FIFe in 2021, with acceptance effective from 2022, this is the newest color accepted in feline beauty competitions. 

Bengal Silvers come in different shades with backgrounds ranging from white to a very dark steel color. Silver can also be found in any other color combination: Silver Snow, Silver Charcoal, Blue Silver, etc... 

Having minimal markings (yellow/brown), some other characteristics are dark gray to black spots, black-tipped tail, brick red nose, and green or gold eyes. 

Glitter do pelo dos gatos da Raça Bengal


Bengal is literally a magical cat, as it is the only breed of cat that has glitter and shines like gold. You can see the Glitter through the sparkling, sparkling effect on the coat, even in low lighting. 

This magical effect is called "Glitter" because it is a hollow, translucent hair shaft that captures light and reflects it. It is present in the coat of the vast majority of Bengal cats. 

Color summary

Cores dos gatos da raça Bengal

Cor não reconhecida

Cor não reconhecida

Cor não reconhecida

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