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Winning the biggest titles in world catophilia: Scandinavian Winner 
It isWorld Winner FIFe

Bengal cats
Gato da raça Bengal campeão mundial

BetterGenetic Quality of the World in Health, Temperament and Breed Standard.


The only WORLD CHAMPION of the last 15 years. 

High quality genetic puppies

Pedigree of the International Feline Federation - FIFE

▪️Development focused on Health, Temperament and Breed Standard. 

▪️Neutered puppies. 

▪️Microchip Implanted. 

▪️Imported vaccination. 

Tested and negative for Leukemia and HIV (FIV and FeLV). 

▪️Parents tested annually for Hypertrophic Heart Disease - HCM. 

▪️Parents tested for PKDef disease. 

▪️Parents tested for PRA-b disease. 

▪️Tested squad and not a host of Toxoplasmosis. 

▪️Puppies with negative PCR for Tritrichomonas fetus. 

▪️Puppy with negative coproparasitology for Giardia. 

▪️Complete blood count. 

▪️Wormed Puppies. 

▪️Animal Health Certificate. 

▪️Purchase and Sale Agreement. 

▪️Guidelines and ▪️Basic TomiFerr Care Manual. 

▪️Exclusive Royal Canin Super Premium food. 

▪️Royal Canin Puppy Kit (Except for air shipments). 

▪️10% discount coupon on Woolie products. 


Do not compact or finance animal sellers/exploiters, demand exams, dedication, quality of life and quality genetic origin.

Filhotes de gato Bengal com linda pelagem e ótimo padrão para raça

Current best genetics in the world

▪️Exclusive KungsgardenCats genetics, World Champion 2022.


▪️World Champion: World Winner FIFe 2023.

▪️Scandinavian Winner 2019.


▪️Current best genetics in the world - health, temperament, breed standard and beauty.

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Information about available puppies

Contact us via WhatsApp.

Tomiferr Bengals Cattery | Bengal Cat | Best genetics in the world | High genetic quality

Serious "creators"

Committed to the development of the breed, they PERIODICALLY participate in feline beauty competitions. And only good results demonstrate breeding within the breed standard: health, temperament and standards/technical characteristics.

For information about available puppies, please contact us via WhatsApp.

Edevar Tomiozzo Júnior e Maíra Ferrarin do gatil TomiFerr com seus gatos Bengal em brincando na sala

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Cat Friendly Professional

TomiFerr Genetics Feline – Cattery TomiFerr Bengals 

We ship and deliver everywhere Brazil and other countries.

Tomiferr Bengals Cattery | Bengal Cat | Best genetics in the world | High genetic quality

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Attention: Puppies only delivered neutered!!!

TomiFerr Bengal is AGAINST the sale of animals on online sites:

Bengal cat breed
Bengal cat breed
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