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FIFE  Beauty Exhibitions and Competitions

The TomiFerr Bengals Cattery is committed to promoting and improving the Bengal breed, periodically participating in Feline Beauty Exhibitions and Competitions in Brazil, held and organized by the associations AMACOON, CBG and Gato Grupo, linked to FFB and FIFe.


TomiFerr Bengals is sure that there is no other way to ensure the quality of the breed standard, other than periodic evaluations by several international judges.


In addition to several national competitions, we are the only Bengal breeders in all of South America to represent the breed in the World Winner (Finland 2018, Germany 2019 and France 2023) and the Scandinavian Winner (Finland 2022), and win a WINNER.


We are the only Bengal breeders in America to hold the titles of Scandinavian Winner and World Winner, which are the highest titles a cat can be crowned.

We are immensely grateful to Danieli Zanoni Cypriano, who welcomed us, guided us, guided us and helped us at every moment since we met her. Another special thank you goes to Ulrica Lindblom Granlid, from Sweden, for believing in and trusting us with excellent quality cats for our genetic improvement, in addition to teaching us a lot about the Bengal breed, today we are proud to have an important partnership and be part of the family KungsgardenCats, FIFe World Champion genetics 2022 and 2023 (only World champions in the last 15 years).

TomiFerrr Hércules gato da raça Bengal Campeão Mundial

"Creators" serious, committed to the development of the breed, participatePERIODICALLY of feline beauty competitions. And only good results demonstrate breeding within the breed Standard (health, temperament and technical standards/characteristics).  

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